Monday, March 30, 2009

accidental art

Today, as T and I were working at the table, Tigger-Lou climbed in amidst the canopy of curtain (that he'd created by pulling part of the curtain down) and posed in there for a long time until T noticed what a great photo it would make. I went for it, and she was absolutely right. Of course there were many photos that were simply dark blurs of tooth and claw as he interpreted the attention as yet another opportunity to play the shark game with tooth and claw game. But how dreamy is this? Kitten bride.  He wouldn't like that title one bit I suspect but hey, it's MY blog. Click on photo to make it bigger, it looks better then.


  1. "Kitten Bride" -- I'd marry him. (Her?!) It's confusing.

  2. HIm. But with the proper amount of ambiguity thrown in that make him a sensitive and modern guy. Such a mix. How could you not consider the teeth and claws? No sensitivity there. But his choice of decor and pose settings? Well... total sensitivity. And the teasing showing of belly followed by shark behavior? All very confusing. I'd swear he was a gemini, at least in spirit. Maybe he caught that part from me.