Sunday, March 22, 2009


Remember a couple of days ago when I was going on and on about how incredibly delicious oven-roasted vegetables (especially brussels sprouts and cauliflower) can be?  I found myself craving them yesterday.  NOT the usual suspects for a craving, let me tell you! Well, the key to their deliciousness is truly a very hot oven (425!), drizzling with olive oil, spreading them out on a baking sheet, and a longer than expected roasting time. I don't know exactly how long (maybe 30 minutes, all told?). Open the oven door several times and stir them up and turn them about (and put your right foot in and shake it all about..). You'll know they are ready when the scattered single leaves are all crispy and yummy and remind you of potato chips. I'm not kidding. Oh! and I discovered that the leftovers can be reheated and brought back to the same crispy deliciousness by putting them back in the hot oven the next day, how good is that? Sprinkle with salt and of course plenty of black pepper (I suspect even vanilla ice cream would be good with the magnificent black pepper). I ate them with a bit of lemon tahini drizzled on top, and delivered some to my neighbors, who are generously allowing me do do my laundry in their home. Yes, some sort of plumbing needs to be done here as the laundry sink continues to fill up with mud.  And I'm NOT that dirty, even considering the dust from sandblasting. I will call a plumber as soon as the mortgage is paid. A little artist reality: financial priorities trump a lazy Sunday.


  1. oh yes, on top put an almost hard boiled egg, and THEN drizzle with tahini. See? A full meal just like that.