Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bizzy bizzy bizzy

Which leads me to wonder how it is that busy is pronounced bizzy and not bussy?
Oh well, idle wonderings are the only idle part of my life this week. My best friend from my year of being 17 in Germany is here this week with her husband, which is quite wonderful AND bizzy, as I am trying my hardest to keep production on track, if for no other reason than I came back from my big show in Philly broke and no one else has offered to pay the bills. Oh yeah. That.
So you are getting a kind of lame post to keep those three of you who read interested. AND to continue to meet my goal of sharing the nuts and bolts and ordinary parts of being a full time working artist type person. And this week, it means multitasking even more than usual, with the rather interesting mix of german and english all mixed up, even in the same sentence. I'm dreaming in german again too. It's been a long time, and it feels good. I like unearthing buried parts of myself. So for jetzt, Tschuss!  
(again!  berried vs burried.  Did I miss some linguistic lesson that explains that?  Please tell me.)

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