Friday, March 13, 2009

I had no idea

I had no idea, when we adopted this kitten, that he would have such strong opinions about how things should be done. In MY work. But he does, and he tries hard to show me how to do it "right." I suspect he considers me a slow learner, and it requires great patience on his part. But it also requires great patience on my part as he tries to master the art of tilting a drinking glass to drink water from it if he can't manage to fit his entire head inside. I could tell stories.  And if I get good photos I will.


  1. It's time that kitten got a raise!

  2. oh, don't give him any ideas. He gets treated better than any of US do, don't you think? (Kitten TV, heat lamps, non-stop lovin', his own condo, toys that threaten to take over the house, everyone taking utter delight in his very existence... wait, can *I* be a kitten???).