Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just another report of our life in the hive...

so, if it hadn't been for my rush rush rush hurry hurry hurry go go go day, there would have been a photo to accompany this post, but alas. On Tuesday we all chipped in to hire Premium T's son (a recent graduate from chef school) to make a luncheon for us.  All the bees came in an hour early, and R walked in wearing his chef's coat and bearing all sorts of goodies:  a variation of eggs benedict (but served on roasted potato slices) with blood-orange hollandaise and smoked salmon, roasted purple cauliflower, and a beautiful fresh salad of baby greens and light balsamic vinaigrette.  He creatively accommodated a variety of dietary restrictions, and we all had a fabulous feast.  Then back to work, and for me:  run run run hurry hurry hurry go go go.  I greatly prefer the days I stay here just making work work work, but some days I have to go out into the world and wrestle the dragons in the "real world."  It makes me even more grateful for my days of working here, only at home.  I heave a huge involuntary sigh of relief when I finally sit down at my work and get settled to cut resist and paint and and and...


  1. Hey, it worked! Thanks for the nod.

  2. Premium T is teaching me some of the finer parts of blogging, like how to make a link. I love it. Thanks T!