Sunday, March 8, 2009

let it snow!

I have a mini-peeve:  how is it that most people (especially weather reporters) have come to see weather as either good (sunny!  happy!) or bad (anything other than sunny! happy!) ?

What about the gentle hush and soft light of snow, with its excuse to stay home and drink hot chocolate with cognac?  The thrill of a roaring wind storm?  The pure exhilaration of thunder (!) and lightning? The glowing colors and fragrance of spring rain?  And even the dreariness of drizzle (although I do cop to having a hard time with The Darkness).

I'm blessed to have shelter, and so I have the luxury of taking issue with the limitations assumed when the weather is described as either good or bad. 

I really love it all.  Or, well, most of it.

I lived in LA for a year or two once.  I felt oppressed by the eternal sunshine.  I would have dreams of the rain.  I could even smell it.  And I'd feel almost unbearably sad when I woke up!

And now a quirk of mine is revealed.

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