Saturday, March 7, 2009

link to photos!

I finally figured it out; how to upload photos to Flickr, make appropriate sets, and link it to my blog.  Amazing really, but I did it.  Click the link on my sidebar, and it will take you to the photo-set page.  There are several categories so far:  old/current work, my newest work, an insiders view of doing a big show, and close-up and personal photos of life in "the hive." I call my wonderful helpers worker-bees, I am of course the queen bee, and when we are all buzzing about, my home becomes "the hive."  Work-in-progress photos will likely show up in that category. Welcome to my world!


  1. Hi Melinda, it's Sandra in are you? Love the looks like mine! I'll be taking photos the first of April so I can refresh my site. I thought of you last night about another matter so i was surprised to see your email. Do your thing girl! I'll send you an email separately...guerilla marketing does work!!!

  2. thanks T! I think it's a good start at representing the hive, and will get better as time goes by... I love having a place to tell the story!