Thursday, March 12, 2009

my mom

My mom and I are alike in that neither of us likes to sit still, doing nothing. We are different in that I like to work late and sleep late, and she is an early riser. When she was here visiting she'd fall asleep on the couch (her preferred place to sleep, I DID offer her my bed!) and I'd still be at the table working. In the mornings she'd get bored and impatient (she'd been up for HOURS she'd say), and wake me up, complaining she had nothing to do. I learned I had to be darned sure to leave work out on the table for her to polish when she woke up if I were to get any rest at all. When I woke up, everything was perfectly polished, lined up neatly by categories, towels folded. As I was groggily making my first cup of coffee, she'd be asking "what can I do NOW to help you?" Geeze. Having help can be so exhausting! (Notice the gorgeous quilt she is sleeping under. She made that for me!)

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