Thursday, March 26, 2009

new photos!

"pod vases" started with my scratchboard drawing on the left, and ended up on the vases.  I love these.  I wonder if I should be more demure?  Well, I do love them.  I couldn't spend so much time doing them if I didn't.  So.
and I love the photo of my "delicate branch" photo-etch pieces. The photos were shot by Karl Seiffert, who I just happened to meet in Philly, and who generously stayed up nearly all night shooting my work so that the pieces wouldn't miss a single moment of exposure at the show. Beautiful job he did! These pieces started photos I made of branches in my garden or around my neighborhood.  I intend to do collections for all the seasons!
Click on the link on the sidebar for more (in the "new work" set).


  1. These are just beautiful. I subscribe to the CC yahoo group and got your email about your 16 yr old friend, saw your link and finally checked out your glass! How beautiful it is, I heart it!
    In case you have NO idea who I am, I'm your neighbor Karin with the Irish Wolfhound, Oskar! :-)

  2. Thank you Karin! And give Oskar some big big lovin' for me, ok?