Wednesday, April 8, 2009

fey! on being a grown-up

I had to lay most of my bees off yesterday. I'm not getting paid on time by galleries I had relied on, and I haven't been able to pay the bees for last month, and I am scared to get further behind. I've BEEN drowned in debt before, and I swore: never again. Funny thing is, I was the only one crying. They took it in stride, nay, they didn't even take it seriously ("but, but... I'm the Queen, aren't I?"). They know the orders we have in the pipeline, the retail shows coming up, and they seem to believe in what we are doing. I hope they see more clearly than I do! They don't want us to get behind so said they would come in one day a week to do some "kick-ass" work (of course they all want to come on the same day, as they've become good friends too), find some work to fill in the gaps in the meantime, and probably will still be available when I get back in the black here. Now that's a bunch of fine, fine worker-bees, wouldn't you say?

 I HATE having to make hard decisions, especially decisions that affect my friends, my bees, those with whom one simply cannot avoid forming a fairly intimate relationship, working together as we do. But I have vowed to do everything I can do to make this work. And I will. I am. (Isn't there a song in there? A very dramatic song? I'll ask the bees, they'll know. Oh, right. Well maybe T (the last daily-bee) will know....).

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  1. we shall overcome
    we shall overcome

    oh deep in my heart
    i do believe
    that we shall overcome

    (But I'm banking on a lot sooner than "someday.")