Monday, April 6, 2009

happy, happy, happy!

It's no secret that times are tough around the hive. I'm asking my worker bees to volunteer to take time off, juggling material purchases like a circus clown, begging galleries to pay me on time (it's just as hard for them, we're all in the same boat). But I got some great news just now: I got confirmation that I am now in two (semi-local--big traveling shows are too risky with the costs involved, with the exception of my big wholesale show each year) retail shows this summer that should help greatly with cash flow: Bellevue and Sun Valley! They are usually great shows for me (in terms of sales) and should contribute mightily toward a more positive cash flow. HAPPY! RELIEVED! I am SO glad I had new work be juried with, and SO glad I chose to invest in getting new photos made.

And I SO look forward to Sun Valley. Shows are always very difficult, extremely demanding energetically. Sun Valley has some magic to it. Although the set up and tear down are still very tough, it is such a pleasure to do. It's beautiful (I usually bring a bike and peddle from the hotel to the show each day) and the customers are all relaxed and happy. The MEN (who are generally pacing around waiting for their wives are actually often the ones doing the shopping there! Ah, vacation!) Did I mention how beautiful it is? Well, that beauty just fills up my cells when I'm there. It should be an arduous drive (12-14 hours in a rented cargo van) but even that drive is gorgeous and fills my cells.

Can you tell I'm happy? And I'm honored. It's a tough show to get into. I'm also excited to fill my cells up with all that beauty. And line the bottom of my scraped out money bag. Yes, I know I have to wait until August (7-9), but just knowing it's coming charges my hope-meter. Yippee! Now all of you should jump up and twirl in circles and dance a little dance with me, okay?


  1. I am dancing, MM! Congratulations on getting in the two shows. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting Nolan this weekend. Hugs, cc

  2. thanks cc! I am relieved. Can't wait to see you all too. I LOVE our times together! love, mm