Sunday, April 26, 2009

reality show?

So yesterday was lovely, and one very funny story came out of it:
I was doing my job, greeting people as they came in, talking with them about how I make my work, and showing them a few of the early stages. A woman came up to me at some point, very officially, and told me: "I'm your replacement." I felt rather befuddled, and said "pardon me?" She said again "I'm here to replace you." Again I said "excuse me?" (and so on, a few times...).
She finally said "I'm here to replace you, you can leave now." I couldn't make sense of it. I felt like I was being booted from the island on some kind of reality TV show, but I didn't know what I'd done wrong. We finally figured out that she was a docent, and thought I was a docent and she was here for her shift and was to send me home. Oh lordy, I laughed and laughed and enjoyed telling that story to the friends who came by later.

Speaking of friends, not only did some of my Seattle friends come by (lovely!) but I got to see some very old friends from high school and college, a couple I haven't seen for at least 25 years, dear friends with whom I had had so many experiences "back in the day." It felt like yesterday. We've aged, and yet we haven't at all. We went to dinner (after my stint really WAS over), and it seemed hardly possible that so many experiences had passed through all of us in spite of our still being in our early 20s. How is it possible? SOOOO lovely to see them, and reconnect a bit. We vowed to not let so much time pass again. Old friendships are such a weath.

AND another high point was the fact that both the museum director and the customers really responded positively to the first piece I've made of new technique I'm experimenting with. I brought with me "just to see." I'm so pleased as I like it as well, and can't wait to explore the technique further!

So the day? Just FINE!

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