Tuesday, April 28, 2009

step by step

So, because some people are interested in process, here are a few steps in the process I used to try to complete a vase. I started with painting...

and a later step involves cutting the design. Yes, each piece, and each bit of the design is individually cut and applied. Nothing is reused. Yes, I do have patterns I like but each one is remade individually by me. Every time. Time consuming? Yes. Worth it? I hope so!

Getting ready to blast, lining a few pieces up on a shelf. Each one will be individually sandblasted. People often ask if I just "close the door and blast them automatically." No, that would be disaster. The sand comes out at 60psi, and I have to keep a good grip on both the glass and the hose to make sure things don't go flying. When they do (and unfortunately they do) I loose all the work that was done on that piece. Gone. Sometimes bits of resist (tape) lift and the piece is gone. Sometimes the enamel is too thick and won't blast off properly. Gone. Many, many variables that cause many pieces to be trashed rather than shipped out.

A rare view (well, sort of a view, you can barely see!) in through the window of the sandblast cabinet as I am blasting. It is a rented sandblaster, and the window is often foggy from students who are not so careful with their blasting, so I am perched on my tippy-toes trying to see through the one section of window that is still (sort of) clear.

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