Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tidy tigger-lou

(obviously getting caught up on blog posts!)
Our kitten is stunningly tidy. He sweeps all his unruly kibble into a pile around his dish, and when I spilled coffee on the rug one morning he worked on cleaning it for hours (in fact, I had to cover the spot until it dried or he would have scratched to China!), and here we have a photo of his tidying after I spilled coffee grounds on the floor (please ignore all the other dust and detritus included... VERY unusual here--ha!). However, he is not so tidy with the little/big dust piles I make while sweeping... what's up with that?

I've never seen such a thing, have any of you?


  1. He is ONE funny cat. I should have just left all the packing peanut debris for him to tidy up!

  2. oh THAT would have kept him busy all night. Right now he's enjoying the view of all the boxes stacked out front...