Monday, April 20, 2009

today--the next steps

Here I have images spread all over the table, cutting, snipping, pasting, and preparing to make the films...
and here Tigger-Lou offers his opinion about proper scissor use...
and here he is glaring at me because as soon as he gets the pile of scrap paper distributed evenly throughout the house, I've gone & made a new pile. A kittens job is NEVER done!
and finally, a few hours at Kinkos and I'm about ready to try a couple test pieces. I know, I would never have guessed I'd have my own special copier at Kinkos, but I do... I had to hurry home to meet a guy who was going to try to make my sandblaster work better, so I'm not done yet. It doesn't look like so much work, but these photos represent hours and hours of work, and the pieces aren't even started!

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