Sunday, April 5, 2009

website update!

I can't believe it, a simple solution. First I hired someone to build me a real, professional website. But then I realized I couldn't afford it. Then I signed onto one of those "do it yourself in an evening" sites. But my (apple-mac only) head exploded before I had even managed to create a blank page. I was about to give up entirely and simply make use of this blog and the flickr link when... LIGHTBULB! I thought to look into Mac iWeb and SURPRISE! It seems to be working! I am deep into the process of creating pages (did you notice the plural?) and have dragged! and dropped! photos in, and clicked! and modified! and resized! text boxes.  Oh the joy, for an apple-mac brain. It will be a while, as I can only dedicate a very small amount of time to it, away from my higher priority which is production.  But there is HOPE!
(I can barely believe it myself).
I know my mother is muttering: "now if she would just sign her damn pieces."
Ok mom, when I figure out a good way to do it.


  1. Agree with mom. Let's brainstorm. When we have a free moment. Lol.

  2. How about a permanent marker in a color (not black)?