Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Oh, I know. A dearth of posts of late. I'm busy! So busy, no time to even think about posting, unfortunately. But that's good, right? Yep, it's good. the new work is selling well, and galleries want MORE! NOW! because it is SELLING! WELL! And we are all happy about that. And there are orders to fill on a RUSH! schedule, in time for Mother's Day. After today that particular timeline will have passed and we can get back to "normal" business, which is also busy, but not so driven. I do have a plan for the blog however.

I started this blog for several reasons. One is because I wanted to write the sort of blog I was hoping to find when I was in the early stages of this "be a full-time artist" endeavor. I wanted SOOO much to have some kind of map, some sense of what to expect, ideas of how a normal day went, how other people handle particular challenges... I felt like I was walking into a totally new empty room and had NO idea what to expect, or how to act. I searched for blogs that would offer guidance, but found none (maybe more a lack of google skills, but still).

So I am going to tell MY story. From the (sort of) beginning. It will come out in little episodes, mixed in with the sort of current posts I've been writing. Stay tuned. It is actually a pretty interesting story, very tense in many parts, sad in some, and joyful in others. I've been looking forward to writing it out.


  1. And I'm looking forward to reading it, Melinda. Carol

  2. For my birthday yesterday my hubby took me to LaConner, where I saw your work, fell in love with it, and wrote down your blogspot address. We can't afford any of it so I thought if I had your address, I could at least keep your info on hand for later. I wonder if it's fate that compelled me to check your sight out today. I read your latest and this post. WOW! The first time I decided to look at an artist's blog and it was exactly what I was looking for! After teaching art I quit to do my art, I instead met my now hubby and had a son. He will be in school full time next year and I will finally have time to pursue doing my art (I'll be working only part time then!) But I've been rather lost about what and how to do it. I know I'll eventually need to have a blog, etsy acct, and contacts, but right now that thought is daunting... about as scary as the first attempt at selling my work.
    I look forward to reading your sight and learning about your journey, perhaps this will make mine a little less scary. Thanks for reading such a long note, and I hope to be in touch when I eventually set up a blogspot account.

  3. Patrice, thank you for your heartfelt comment. This journey is not for the faint of heart!