Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Story--beginning my life as an artist

Of course, the story starts long, long ago, but I'll jump to a more pithy beginning. I inherited a bit of money from my grandmother, and given my spotty history with money (hard making it, hard keeping it...) I knew it was the only time I was likely to have a chunk of money in my life. I decided it was time to "get real" and see a Real Certified Financial Planner. I did some research, made an appointment, sent in the requisite years of tax info, etc., and gave myself stern lectures about how I would settle down and get a real, full-time job,put the money into whatever retirement plan she advised, etc. When the day arrived I went to my appointment properly sedate and prepared to change my life to one embodying a Proper. Grownup. Attitude. She seemed very nice, extremely button-down and proper, and looked over my papers, saying: "I see your income from your various occupations; your clinic, teaching aerobic and fitness classes, a small counseling practice--but there is a very small income listed from artwork. What's that?" I happened to have some snapshots of my recent (very early!) work, and showed them to her. She looked at them, was quiet for a while. When she spoke again she spoke quietly: "I am a certified Financial Planner. I help people plan for their retirement. It's what I do. I never say what I'm about to say now, but I wake up every morning and pray that I can be an instrument of God's will. And right now I am quite moved to suggest you use the money from your grandmother to become a full time artist."

Well. I had projected All Things Parental onto her, I was prepared to be chastised for my lack of a "normal" and "proper" life, and I was prepared to straighten up and fly right. What I heard was a suggestion that I do something I had never dared to dream. I started to tremble and sweat and had tears roll down my face. It was as if a wave rose up in me and tumbled me around and about and when I came up for air everything was different. I knew I would do as she suggested. It felt like a blessing. It was.

But the story only began there. There are many, many twists and turns, and I'm still tumbling. Stay tuned.


  1. This is some very fine writing, Miss M.!

  2. Thank you T. All of a piece, and from the heart.