Saturday, May 30, 2009

trivialities of the week

It's May. It's in the 80's. This is Seattle. What's wrong with this picture? I must say: it's lovely.

I started yoga this week. First time. It's kicking my ass--it is NOT just about nice, comfortable stretching poses. Oh no, it's not. My friend bought me a 2 month unlimited pass for my birthday. The most important part? She is dragging me there 3 times a week. I'm sore and fatigued. It's good.

I might or might not get a big commission to make 60-70 large centerpieces for an auction. If I get it, I don't think I can do the Philly Museum Show. I need some help with the decision, so that could be the deciding factor.

Busy, busy, busy. My underpriced photo-etched work is causing problems, hanging up production. It takes SOOOO much longer that orders are stacking up. Ah well, everything is an opportunity to learn.

Our kitten is on bug duty, and he is exhausted. He is obsessed with catching Every Single Fly in the house. Once he gets those, more appear. How's a kitten to get his naps around here?

He is still amazing around all the glass. Even though the flies are enormously compelling he is soooo careful. When he got too much in the midst of some tippy vases yesterday on the window seat I had only to say in a low voice: "Tigger-Lou, that's not such a good idea." He carefully backed out, and now does not go into that area. Amazing kitten. Can you tell I'm in love? Who wouldn't be?

I'm trying to decide whether or not to get him a kitten of his very own. They would have such fun chasing each other around, but could I be in love with TWO kittens at the same time? I've always been kitten (and man-wise) monogamous. And could the other kitten be so, so good around all the glass? Tigger-Lou would have to train her. Oh, I sound like an old cat lady. Horrifying.

Oh, I hired a new worker-bee for the 2 months T. will be mostly away. He was the first and last I interviewed, and he is terrific. It was/is a total lucky deal. AND I didn't have to go through day after day of working-interviews. What I did (I learned this from a friend) was schedule a couple paid days of work to try out his skills, speed, compatibility, etc. Struck gold the first time, Yahoo!

I need to get ready for yoga, then begin work on a large vessel for the Museum of Northwest Art's annual auction. The director wants one of my new, experimental ones, done large. Pressure? oh yeah.... but that's the plan for the weekend (I promised it would be done by Monday-yikes!), and all the other the other producion to be ready for the worker-bees on Monday. I'll post a photo when it's done. We'll see how it works out.

Have a lovely weekend, all!

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  1. Think of kitten #2 as child #2. And TL will have an adopted sister!