Friday, June 26, 2009

pretty nice place to work

You know, we do work hard here at the "hive" but it is not without it's benefits. No, none of the conventional benefits, but others, more immediate. Most days I put out a few snacks: sometimes fresh fruit, sometimes popcorn with truffle salt & parmesan (yum!) sometimes soup, when I make a big pot, forgetting I live alone...

Yesterday T., preparing for her trip, cleaned out her refrigerator and brought a very lovely collection of cheeses, I had a glorious bowl of crunchy grapes, Connie brought some of her magnificent rhubarb chutney... all unplanned! Yes, and as we passed by that collection of goodies we grabbed a treat before working on the next piece. After work we climbed the cherry tree and picked the ripe crunchy cherries the starlings seemed to have forgotten this year. We tell stories while we work, and often actually giggle and guffaw, not to mention offering support during the inevitable hard times in our lives.

By the way, I highly recommend a grape, topped with Delice de Bourgogne (triple cream, of course), and a walnut placed on top. Kind of a mouthful of heaven.

Pretty nice hive, wouldn't you say?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is part of a new collection of damask vases for Julie at Virtu in Chicago. For SOME odd reason, she can't seem to keep them in stock! That pleases both of us muchly. She gave me the freedom to pick a palette for this collection. Seemed to me plum to magenta, light green & aqua to darker green, and mustard through orange & red orange would be lovely. I think it is!

ps. Check out ht/tp:// blog entry, you'll see some mighty pretty painted fingers from yesterdays session!

treat tonight!

David Byrne is playing tonight in Seattle and I get to go see him! I am so looking forward to it. The fact that I work All The Time had started to concern me (and my friends) a bit, but I enjoy being at home and working more than many activities out in the world that I have to make a real effort to come up with reasons to go out that feel worth it to me. Hearing live music certainly qualifies! Good restaurants, dancing, and skiing are also high on the list. Little by little I emerge occasionally from my little hive to go out into the world. Then I scurry back home, to work. I get pretty anxious not working, as I continue to get lots of re-orders to complete and ship, and still have those 2 shows to prepare for.No to mention needing to prepare work the my worker-bees, to keep them busy and productive each day. But I am making a little time, now and then. I think it's good.

Monday, June 22, 2009

speaking of technology...

Some time ago I bought myself a GPS unit. THAT is not candy, but necessity for me. I'm the one who got lost trying to find my hotel across the street from the convention center in Philly, remember?

Well, I was to drive to my friend T.'s house yesterday evening. I'd never been there, so told her to just give me her address and I'd find it without problem using my GPS (it was "on the east side, another world I'm not familiar with). I left in plenty of time, entered the address, and set off driving. One of the bridges was closed so I chose (against the snotty instructions of the gps voice) to take the other one. No problem. She (the voice) just "recalculated" and I headed off across the bridge. Once I got across the bridge, and onto another highway (against her instructions) I finally got off the highway and followed her lead. And what a lead it was. 2 hours after leaving on a short jaunt across the lake I finally called T and told her I wouldn't make it. I had taken back roads all over the area, around Lake Washington (a huge lake) and was again in Seattle. I finally figured out this morning that I had set the unit to keep me off freeways and highways as for normal use here in Seattle the freeway traffic is horrible. So even the poor GPS unit got lost. I won't exactly say I'm an idiot, but maybe a technodolt? At any rate, I missed a good party. Sheesh.


Well yeah, I do like new toys, technology, stuff I don't need but can rationalize. Well, I really didn't need this but.. but... but.. I just HAD to have it! Two years ago I started drooling, fondling those of my friends. Saving my pennies, and waiting, waiting, waiting for my contract to be up. Yep. I got me my very own iPhone, and I have been quite consumed with tending to it's every need.

I'm having all the fun and frustration of bonding with a new device and the frustration was resolved with a simple trip to the genius bar (man, those guys are good!). Every time it beeps at me I hungrily grab it, wondering what it might tell me THIS time. I'm imagining maybe going to shows without my laptop, since I'll have google and e-mail right in my pocket.

Oh, yes. New love is so sweet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

just another day in the hive

Well, it's not EVERY day at noon, but today I told the story about making the best margaritas ever for some friends (the same friends that brought the most magnificent crab for dinner last night). I emphasized that the orange liquor I used was even better than Grand Marnier. I was challenged. So we had to have a bit of a taste test. The two bees here came up in a draw. But my vote voted for me, so I WON! Wooppee.

(and sipping in the middle of the day is pretty fun for a change. I think it improves bee-moral once in a while!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

this body

I woke up the morning of my birthday with the thought that this very body of mine has been living on this earth for 55 years. It's been my vehicle through all it's stages: a little chubby infant, and innocent toddler, etc, etc. Now I look at my arms and wrists and legs and see in them the infant, the toddler, the exploring 7 year old, the teenager, the pretty 20 something... Somehow that realization made me look ever so fondly at this middle-aged body, and look forward, even, to watching as it carries me through new experiences, even through the experience of aging.

What a lovely birthday gift from my psyche!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's my birthday!

and to celebrate I am taking a couple hours off from work to visit a friends store for the first time (which she opened over a year ago!) and treat myself to "a little something." Then back to work, and then a friend is treating me to a sushi dinner out. I think sushi is the best treat EVER.

We are VERY busy around here. Lots of orders to fill and reorders coming in almost daily. A little anxiety as I also need to prepare for 2 (two!) retail shows coming up back to back in 6 weeks. YIKES! But lest the gods think I am complaining let it be heard that I am full of gratitude that I am so busy. It's a Very Good Thing. Yes indeed.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Is my name Dorothy?

And am I in Kansas?

Last evening around dusk the sky suddenly became dark and a yellow and pink wind came in. Not just any wind, but enormous, crazy laughing gusts that both thrilled me and scared me like a roller-coaster. Tossing things into the air like popcorn and opening up new spaces in my lungs. Following that, blessed cool, and about 17 raindrops.

I loved it, can you tell?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


today we were:

working on shipping.
working on sandblasting.
working on organizing orders.
working on taping.
working on business cards.
working on STAYING COOL.
Successful at all except the former.
It's 90 degrees in Seattle, and I've utterly melted.
Even the kitten has melted onto the floor and can't get up.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just did something scary for me. Remember the post a while back, in which I wrote about the mistakes I've made so far this year? (oh, never fear, there will be more--kinda goes with being alive). The mistake I refer to here is the one in which I under-priced my newest work. BAD mistake, because I've discovered that the work is VERY underpriced based on time and materials alone. That is the kind of mistake that can cause a business, MY business, to go under. Don't want that. No way.

So I had to do a scary thing. I had to send an e-mail to all my galleries this morning informing them of a 20% price increase on the photo-etched work. That is the minimum increase I could make to help cover the extra costs of time and materials involved in producing that series.

What's scary about it is my whole confidence thing. "Will people still buy my work if it costs more?" And an even scarier question to be dealt with: "could I really ask for just a little bit more?" (like: to NOT work all the time to simply get by, but actually make a little money as well?). That question (and answer) will come at a little later point for me. Self-confidence has never been my strong suit. In spite of huge positive feedback, one aspect of me is pretty deferential, kind of "oh gee golly, you want my work?" That is getting boring, and really horribly out-dated. I need to work on claiming my space in the world. I have more than enough data to use to support the claim that: I do, indeed, deserve to claim my space, and, as Leonard Cohen sings in "Bird on a Wire": "ask for just a little bit more."