Monday, June 22, 2009


Well yeah, I do like new toys, technology, stuff I don't need but can rationalize. Well, I really didn't need this but.. but... but.. I just HAD to have it! Two years ago I started drooling, fondling those of my friends. Saving my pennies, and waiting, waiting, waiting for my contract to be up. Yep. I got me my very own iPhone, and I have been quite consumed with tending to it's every need.

I'm having all the fun and frustration of bonding with a new device and the frustration was resolved with a simple trip to the genius bar (man, those guys are good!). Every time it beeps at me I hungrily grab it, wondering what it might tell me THIS time. I'm imagining maybe going to shows without my laptop, since I'll have google and e-mail right in my pocket.

Oh, yes. New love is so sweet.

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