Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just did something scary for me. Remember the post a while back, in which I wrote about the mistakes I've made so far this year? (oh, never fear, there will be more--kinda goes with being alive). The mistake I refer to here is the one in which I under-priced my newest work. BAD mistake, because I've discovered that the work is VERY underpriced based on time and materials alone. That is the kind of mistake that can cause a business, MY business, to go under. Don't want that. No way.

So I had to do a scary thing. I had to send an e-mail to all my galleries this morning informing them of a 20% price increase on the photo-etched work. That is the minimum increase I could make to help cover the extra costs of time and materials involved in producing that series.

What's scary about it is my whole confidence thing. "Will people still buy my work if it costs more?" And an even scarier question to be dealt with: "could I really ask for just a little bit more?" (like: to NOT work all the time to simply get by, but actually make a little money as well?). That question (and answer) will come at a little later point for me. Self-confidence has never been my strong suit. In spite of huge positive feedback, one aspect of me is pretty deferential, kind of "oh gee golly, you want my work?" That is getting boring, and really horribly out-dated. I need to work on claiming my space in the world. I have more than enough data to use to support the claim that: I do, indeed, deserve to claim my space, and, as Leonard Cohen sings in "Bird on a Wire": "ask for just a little bit more."

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