Friday, June 26, 2009

pretty nice place to work

You know, we do work hard here at the "hive" but it is not without it's benefits. No, none of the conventional benefits, but others, more immediate. Most days I put out a few snacks: sometimes fresh fruit, sometimes popcorn with truffle salt & parmesan (yum!) sometimes soup, when I make a big pot, forgetting I live alone...

Yesterday T., preparing for her trip, cleaned out her refrigerator and brought a very lovely collection of cheeses, I had a glorious bowl of crunchy grapes, Connie brought some of her magnificent rhubarb chutney... all unplanned! Yes, and as we passed by that collection of goodies we grabbed a treat before working on the next piece. After work we climbed the cherry tree and picked the ripe crunchy cherries the starlings seemed to have forgotten this year. We tell stories while we work, and often actually giggle and guffaw, not to mention offering support during the inevitable hard times in our lives.

By the way, I highly recommend a grape, topped with Delice de Bourgogne (triple cream, of course), and a walnut placed on top. Kind of a mouthful of heaven.

Pretty nice hive, wouldn't you say?

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