Monday, June 22, 2009

speaking of technology...

Some time ago I bought myself a GPS unit. THAT is not candy, but necessity for me. I'm the one who got lost trying to find my hotel across the street from the convention center in Philly, remember?

Well, I was to drive to my friend T.'s house yesterday evening. I'd never been there, so told her to just give me her address and I'd find it without problem using my GPS (it was "on the east side, another world I'm not familiar with). I left in plenty of time, entered the address, and set off driving. One of the bridges was closed so I chose (against the snotty instructions of the gps voice) to take the other one. No problem. She (the voice) just "recalculated" and I headed off across the bridge. Once I got across the bridge, and onto another highway (against her instructions) I finally got off the highway and followed her lead. And what a lead it was. 2 hours after leaving on a short jaunt across the lake I finally called T and told her I wouldn't make it. I had taken back roads all over the area, around Lake Washington (a huge lake) and was again in Seattle. I finally figured out this morning that I had set the unit to keep me off freeways and highways as for normal use here in Seattle the freeway traffic is horrible. So even the poor GPS unit got lost. I won't exactly say I'm an idiot, but maybe a technodolt? At any rate, I missed a good party. Sheesh.

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