Wednesday, June 24, 2009

treat tonight!

David Byrne is playing tonight in Seattle and I get to go see him! I am so looking forward to it. The fact that I work All The Time had started to concern me (and my friends) a bit, but I enjoy being at home and working more than many activities out in the world that I have to make a real effort to come up with reasons to go out that feel worth it to me. Hearing live music certainly qualifies! Good restaurants, dancing, and skiing are also high on the list. Little by little I emerge occasionally from my little hive to go out into the world. Then I scurry back home, to work. I get pretty anxious not working, as I continue to get lots of re-orders to complete and ship, and still have those 2 shows to prepare for.No to mention needing to prepare work the my worker-bees, to keep them busy and productive each day. But I am making a little time, now and then. I think it's good.

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