Thursday, July 2, 2009

in the moment

Preparing for 2 back-to-back retail shows is kicking my butt. SOOO much to do I have barely time to think, let alone write. New ideas are emerging however, as they always do right before a show when there is no time to develop them. But THIS time, I am plunging ahead with one of them, as best I can with the deadlines rolling in like a parade of tanks. I found my groove tonight, that groove where every cut of the knife is a meditation. THAT's what I've been missing, and I am pleased to have found it again. Interesting how pressure can knock me right off my center and firmly on my ass. But I'm fighting back! Great to have a hard working crew here. Really great.

And yoga is coming along. You know those tippy-dolls that are weighted on the bottom so you can't tip them over? Well, for the 5 weeks I've been taking yoga, I felt like my weighted spot was exactly opposite, and I tipped over in class at the slightest provocation. Tonight in class I balanced AND kept up with the movements pretty darn well. Felt good. Yoga is perfect for me right now. It's both challenging and gentle and is the perfect respite from working "too hard."