Thursday, July 30, 2009

too hot even to blog

Yes, I'm a pacific northwest wuss, freely admitted, and I know other parts of the country have hearty souls who laugh at our weather here. But I'm a native northwest girl, and I am miserable in the 103 degree heat. Work is pretty much impossible, the paint dries before it hits the glass!

And the show... well, pretty much a disaster. I think it was too hot for people to even think about buying, judging by how few people (maybe 5%) were carrying shopping bags. So that's trouble for me. I hate to post that, but I am committed to writing about how it is for a self-employed artist living the glamorous life!

I can't take the lack of sales personally, as galleries keep selling out of my work, so I'm very grateful for that (I hate it when I decide I suck!) and there is no evidence to support that old belief. LOTS of customers were in my booth, admiring my work, but complaining it was simply too hot to make a decision. Bummer.

So as soon as my brain recovers from its melted state, I will figure out what to do next. Creativity is a requirement for survival, not just for the making of things.

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