Tuesday, September 29, 2009

not ready

I was out on a glorious walk yesterday morning: warm golden sun with that lovely crisp edge. By the time I returned home from the lake a big wind was pouring into the alley and leading fall into my world. Colder this morning, dimmer. Dark! I'm not ready this year. I've found myself counting on my fingers how long it will be before the light returns. Too long.

But since I have no say in the matter, I'd best get busy with planning some ways to celebrate the season we are in. Firewood stacked, I should buy some new candles, lay in the ingredients for making soups, get the flannel sheets out, tuck away out my summer clothes and get out the snuggy fall/winter clothes, but mostly I need to adjust my attitude and expectations. If I don't do that, it will be a long, dark winter!

I have a warm, purring kitten on my lap. I think that will be winter's key coping ingredient. That, and staying busy with work I love.

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