Tuesday, October 6, 2009

back to daily

After the big push to get those 70 large centerpieces completed for the Poncho auction (and celebrating the fact that not every nook and cranny of my house/studio is covered with them) it's time to switch gears and get the "regular" orders filled and shipped. Well, we've been doing that all along as well-an amazing accomplishment-but we have even more big orders and small to fill to meet deadlines for the holidays. It's a really wonderful thing, and I am very, very grateful for how busy we are on a daily basis.

My foot injury has greatly improved (can you believe I actually think wearing high heels the other night helped it?) I got back to my walking/jogging yesterday. The walking is easy, but when I get down to the path along the lake I begin jogging and it is HARD, but I noticed after around 10-15 minutes I get into a really nice rhythm with it and kind of, well, enjoy is a bit of a strong word, but there is just a smidge of pleasure in it. Wow. A month or two ago I could only jog a few steps and now I'm doing 20-40 minutes of jogging! The pleasure is in part related to the glorious fall days we are having this week. Crisp and sunny. My favorite.

Now I am going to have to nudge this big, warm, purring kitten off my lap (he only snuggles on my lap when I'm at the computer, funny kitten that he is) and go out in this morning sun for my torturous treat.

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  1. It's called The High Heel Cure. Works for a number of maladies.