Friday, October 16, 2009

Benefits of running in the rain

Yes, today was my first test. It has been raining all day, so I girded my loins (!) and did it. Endorphins are still surging through my body so I have to list some of the benefits I was noticing as I was out there, to remind myself...

In no particular order:

* The very act of defying gravity (centered in my warm, dry house) and getting out there is VERY empowering!

* Scents I don't smell when it's dry are deliciously pungent.

* The leaves that have fallen on the ground look like they are lit from within against the charcoal colored running path.

* The few people I passed were all bundled up and burdened with umbrellas walking their dogs. They had squinty, suffering faces. I felt free and happy, surrendered to the rain.

* I was soaked all the way through, but steaming warm. Fun!

* The whole world was brushed in shades of grey, which made the occasional blast of color seem like an ecstatic celebration.

* The sound of the rain is a luscious pleasure.

* And I did it.

* Twilight is such private beauty.

I DO need some proper winter running clothes. I've been asking around and researching a bit. Although I was plenty warm today in my fleece vest, thin shirt and tights, it WAS 62 degrees and 35 degrees will be a whole different ball game.

One step at a time.


  1. Glad to hear that the 'ol loins were properly attended to. Heaven forbid insufficient girding!

  2. Oh yes, girding is the most important part. One must always have her loins girded (girdled? oh dear...)