Friday, October 2, 2009



"Hi, is this Mary-Melinda?"


"This is xxxxx at yyyyyy Gallery. We just received your shipment to us and... well, we were excited to unpack our order but..., well, the box was full of clothes!"

"WHAT? Uh, what do you mean?

"Well, we opened it and it was double boxed as you always ship, and inside the inner box we found a lot of clothes."


"You found what?"


"Well THAT'S weird! What sort of clothes?" (at this point T, my assistant, was looking at me with curiosity).

"Well, let me see... there's a hoodie with a budda on it, a t-shirt, some pants, some athletic shoes, some more pants, a sweater..."

"Well that's really weird. I don't even recognize anything you are describing. Are you certain it was from me?"

"It has your address on the UPS label. Do you want the tracking number?"

"Yeah, let's check this out." (accessing UPS website and my shipping history). "Well yes, I did ship something to you with that tracking number, but it shows that it left here a year ago, and just got delivered today."

(more discussion)

"Well the owner just said it must have been his son sending some of his girlfriend's clothes to her, using an old box from the storeroom, and his label must have fallen off"

"ahhhh, well I'm glad we figured THAT out!"

And T and I laughed about it off and on all day.
Weirdest phone call ever!

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