Friday, October 9, 2009

in yoga today...

as I moved from one pose to the next--holding each posture until my body trembled with effort and sweat dripped off my nose, the instructor kept suggesting the image of a lake to us, still and quiet. He said we could think of entering a new posture we find difficult, stressful, or "uncomfortable" like the mud on the bottom of the lake being stirred up, clouding the water. He charged us with settling into the posture, breathing through the discomfort, becoming still and slowing our breath until the mud settled and the water cleared. Every time we changed from one posture to another we stirred the mud up, and we were challenged again to find our pose and hold it quietly--riding the trembling effort--by following our breath until "the mud settled and the water became clear." This meditation continued throughout the entire class. And at the end I lay on my back for the final few silent restful minutes of class, bathed in sweat and deep at peace.

When I got home and started work I had some phone calls to make to order more supplies and check on supplies that I'm waiting for. I heard that one shipment I've waited months for is STILL not here (and people, this is holiday crunch time!) and that 4 (FOUR!) of the styles/sizes/shapes of vessels that have been the very best sellers for the last few years have been discontinued.

Yep. I gotta say, the lake got pretty muddy.

So I have an "opportunity" to hold my reactions and interpretations, breathe, stay calm and wait for the mud to settle.

I remind myself I have been through this before, and there is always something new to replace the old.

True stories of yoga and the working artist.

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  1. That lake bottom is very stirred-up today over here. Awaiting clarity, a settling of debris.