Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The price

With three fewer worker-bees (as of August) I still experience stress wondering if we can manage to get all the work done. So far, we've accomplished it very well, but with a big stack of orders (and me taking 3 hours off each day to exercise!) I am still kinda nervous about it. I have to make and save $15,000 to be able to do the wholesale shows in February, in order to get orders for the next year, so we can make and ship more work, in order to get paid, to be able to pay the mortgage, health insurance, bills and my remaining 2 worker-bees. On top of that,still have enough money to pay the mortgage, health insurance (come on, health reform!) worker-bees and bills. I know people with "regular jobs" struggle with the same issues of budgeting and bill paying, but sometimes it's hard living right on the edge and being solely responsible. It is the price I pay to get to live my life this way... there are good parts and hard parts about being a single, self-employed working artist. Just so anyone reading this who aspires to a similar lifestyle understands! It would be easier to be independently wealthy, or have a spouse with a regular income. But my kitten thinks his only job is to be funny and cute and warm and furry. He does those things very well though!

On a VERY positive note though, we have tons of orders. More every week. Now if my suppliers would just hold up their end of the bargain and get me the materials I need to fill all the orders.

But in spite of the worries described above, I am proud of the work we are doing, happy and grateful that it continues to sell well, really proud of myself for sticking with my new exercise program, I can wear jeans again!

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