Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, you know that dream many people have? the one about being a full time artist, working from home, spending all the time making things?

It really IS good. But. Not without some fairly gut-wrenching risks. For the past few days we have been searching for some products to replace others that for one reason and another are no longer available, and/or searching for new shapes and sizes that will be exciting and fresh for the next year's shows. We (Premium T. and I) found some really nice things (after I of course spent some time with my stomach tied in a knot). I ordered some, and in some cases ordered all remaining inventory because I decided to take the risk that they were That Good, and would be discontinued when the supply was gone. I just found out that the shipping was adding half again the price of the goods. YIKES! What to do, what to do? It's for a very small vase so it will be hard to absorb the extra dollar per piece. But the glass is SUCH good quality, the shape is SO appealing, unusual, and will take the design work so well...

And I decided to do both big wholesale shows in February. One is wholesale only, and is the show most of my buyers attended last year. But it's wholesale only, so I don't sell anything there, only take orders for the rest of the year. The other is wholesale as well as retail. It is a "higher end" show and last year not many buyers attended as they were more interested in more affordable items. BUT there is a retail component that in past years has covered my (enormous) costs of doing the shows. It is clear that I need to do the first, but the high cost of show fees, shipping, etc. made it so that when I came home to get to work filling orders I had no money with which to order supplies, etc. and that set me up for a number of months of very fast and tight juggling to keep this show on the road. So I am taking a $7000 risk and doing both, with the hope of doing enough business in the retail section to pay the show costs.

Yikes. If only being a working artist were just about staying home making pretty things...


  1. Oh damn. Now I'm disillusioned! Why did you have to ruin it for me???!!!!

  2. yeah. I know. I'm soooo sorry for springing this on you...