Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two favorite things from my jog this morning:

1. I was jogging in the midst of an enormous bunch (gang? gaggle? flock?) of geese who were busy walking about, eating & pooping as geese do, paying me no mind. A dog startled them and they lifted all at once, completely surrounding me and saturating the world for a moment with the sound and wind of a hundred formidable wings. Whopp whopp whopp! A hundred wings beating. My hair lifted and blown, I was utterly swallowed up by it.

2. Certain colors take my breath away. Do you ever want to eat color? To drown in it? Today I saw a red that I wanted to inhale deep into my lungs. Moments like that...


  1. our dogs love the geese this time of year. their poop, sadly, is consdiered a delicacy in the dog world.

  2. well, there is plenty to keep the dogs in epicure heaven! Thanks for the comment, Laurie.

  3. they are not, however, allowed candy corn....