Sunday, November 1, 2009


So, for the past week I've been obsessing about where I could possibly go during the trick-or-treat hours so that I could
1. Get work done (busy! read past entries).
2. Not have to spend $50 on candy (severe budget, read past entries).
3. Not eat the candy (dieting & exercising like a plum fool, read past entries).
4. Not spend all evening answering the door and not getting work done in the evening prime production time (read past entries).

I obsessed and couldn't come up with a single idea that would allow me accomplish what I needed without shutting myself upstairs, but there is no work table so that wouldn't work and I live in a real live neighborhood with lots of kids. They'd SEE me working in the house. And then I realized I was becoming a serious scrooge and swung by the store on my way home from my jog for the most odious & cheap candy I could find. Odious so I wouldn't be tempted, and cheap for my budget. I'm a candy corn freak and I averted my eyes as I walked by the bags of it...).

Turns out almost all the kids gasped at my candy and said it was their very favorite. I said "so I did ok?" "Oh yeah, you did hella-good!" And the big group of them applauded.

I even got some work done, and had a blast seeing all those sweet little faces, all dressed up for the magic of the sanctioned "taking candy from strangers." I could see the magic on all their faces as their bags got filled up with CANDY!, and was filled with joy, and felt SOOOOO foolish for obsessing over it.


And then memories: I remember when I was very young my mom made homemade fried doughnuts to give out-hot and fresh! I can still taste them. I remember making caramel apples to give out. Little bags of homemade cookies & candies. Ah, the olden days before razor blades and poison.

And I remember on the isolated island we were a bit older, my mom went trick-or-treating with a martini glass to the homes of some of the other island-dwellers. Brilliant! I will do that sometime to the home of someone I am certain will have gin & olives.

An old dear friend of my mom's (one of the several with whom we kids played as a tribe while our moms played bridge and solved the world's problems) called me yesterday to ask me what I remembered of those days. Alas, mostly I remembered loving getting all the candy, but she reminded me of some of the costumes she used to make for the kids. One big mistake one year: she made a magnificent costume for one of her sons that had no armholes. So he couldn't take candy. She never made that mistake again. And she reminded me that my mother would let us have a few pieces of our haul and then took the candy and doled it out to us one piece at a time. My mom's friend said she always thought that was mean. SHE let her kids have ALL the candy to eat as they pleased. Yes. Clear evidence I suffered in my childhood. I made up for it in later years and bought all the candy corn I wanted. Hence the current diet and exercise program. Life's not fair.

Candy corn shouldn't count.


  1. According to the latest report on Fox News, candy corn doesn't count. In fact, it hasn't even been hexified by demons and witches. Eat up!

  2. well Fox News is certainly the most reliable source for important information. I'll go right out and buy all remaining inventory--at reduced post-halloween prices! I heart Fox.