Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

My assistant T. bribed me to come to her home for dinner tomorrow. She said if I came she'd work on Saturday for me. Can you believe it took such a bribe to get me out of the house to accept a lovely invitation? Sheesh, I am getting kind of pathetic. But this is crunch time, more orders to get to galleries in time for them to sell for the holidays, and then my own studio sale...
But I just made cranberry relish to contribute (along with wine) and I will actually take several hours off tomorrow to enjoy time around a groaning table with lovely people.

Lots to be thankful for, and only a few of them include: the return of my health, the feel of air on my face, my little business is still alive, a wonderful assistant, a delightful rascal of a kitten, the big soft hearts inside of all the various and often confounding people in my life, rain on the roof as I snuggle deeper into the covers, a roof over my head, that people like and buy the things I make, that I get to spend most of my time making pretty things, red wine and gin (not together), good food, an improving ability to surf the waves that Life rolls toward me, and so much more.

A few years ago I called my mom to ask her for her special family cranberry relish recipe. She told me it was on the back of the bag. The romance was destroyed, but I still love the relish. I just ate several big spoons full of it. (spoonfulls? I didn't eat the spoons... these things confuse me). How about: I just ate a bunch of it, using a spoon to fill my mouth several times? Having a poet as an assistant has made me begin to obsess about grammar.

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving has nothing to do with the food, really. I love how acknowledging what I am grateful for in my life makes me feel full. Really.

I have quite a bit more I could write, lots of thoughts while out for my jog today, but work is calling me.

Happy Thanks-Giving!

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  1. Spoonsful. Sporksful. Spilled loons. Stop me now!