Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Rest. Blessed rest. Early to bed, late to rise, moving slowly through my day. Return to jogging & yoga. After the last weeks of running on pure adrenalin, the surrender to collapse is an amazingly delicious indulgence. It was worth it, I feel proud of what we've accomplished and completed.

My magnificent assistant T. and I worked an impossible number of hours, got all shipments out, and by the time the first customers arrived on Sunday there was hot ginger-lemon cider (with or without the splash of cognac!), and nibbles, and everything was displayed beautifully and priced, and the house was CLEAN (somehow that gives me the greatest pleasure after weeks of not being able to see the floor for all the packing peanuts, dust balls, and whatever else I choose to not know about).

This Sunday is the second show, but the glory is that it is already set up! I am finishing a few more pieces to fill in, completing a few special requests, but basically... this week has been about learning to breathe again.

Why don't you all come on over this Sunday and enjoy with me? The cider is REALLY good!

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