Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My head is sore...

from beating it into the wall.

Not that I am comparing myself in the least, but I keep seeing in myself things I've read about in which artists (usually men) get withdrawn and sullen and grumpy when they are working on a new painting or whatever. And their wives stay out of their way. I get it. Luckily (for them) I don't have a spouse, and my kitten doesn't seem to mind. He just purrs on my lap or bites my nose and toes (or whatever tender morsel of flesh he can find) and keeps himself occupied with The Bird Channel on Kitty TV (window seat).

I've had one hint of a direction that I like, but now I'm stuck. And I'm halfway through my allotted creative retreat time. The time pressure is a big part of the problem I think. If I had the three weeks I'd originally planned, I think I would relax into it and not try so hard. Waste more materials trying stuff. Waste more time trying stuff.

Well, I guess that's my answer. Waste more materials. Just slop them around following every subtle glimmer. Stop over-thinking it. Over-thinking takes as much time as just doing.

Ok, thanks. I appreciate the advice.

UPDATE: I'm just back from spending $86 dollars at Kinkos on experiments. Now let's see how I can frivolously play with them!
(kind of excited to put my frivolous hat on...)


  1. Totally understand the situation ... have no advice but when my daughter was ice skating I told her, "Just act as if whatever you're doing on the ice is the way its supposed to be - only you and your coach know what you meant to do. The audience is pleased with whatever you do - so don't telegraph your goofs, just smile and act as if you nailed it." Or something like that.

  2. "Waste more time trying stuff."

    Miss M., none of this is a waste of time. Not five minutes, not three weeks, not one week. As Nelson would remind us, "it's all good".
    And he's right.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comments. And here I go, with renewed vigor.