Wednesday, January 27, 2010

and it's OFF!

T., modeling the next new rage in green clothing: a lovely shawl (nod to Issey Miyake), spontaneously fashioned of packing materials. Where she found the energy to think fashion I'll never know...

Jeff and Christopher shrink-wrapping the pallets. They came at a moment's notice after the young man I had hired to help (scheduled and twice confirmed to be here at 9am) texted me at 9:45 and told me he couldn't make it because "he doesn't do mornings"!. Thank goodness for artist friends who know what it's like, and how much the gift of help is appreciated when needed!

T. and I, grateful and proud that we did it. We really did it! And we are both really proud of what is in all those boxes.

My babies are leaving the nest. Travel safe little ones!

Proof. Bill Of Lading. Tracking number. Let's hope I don't need to use it. So tired I forgot how to spell my last name while filling out labels.

And this is what awaits me. Now. Right now. I am taking this afternoon OFF!!!!

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  1. Pour that kitty some Cognac! He's worked hard.