Sunday, January 24, 2010


I love metaphors. I see them in everything.

I love the symmetry of micro/macro.

I loved the moments as a child when I learned about cell structure and saw how it related to... everything! Like the permeable walls of a house, with people coming & going, doing all their various functions within and without. I loved looking really closely at a leaf and seeing, really seeing it's relationship, it's SAMENESS with the tree, stones, earth, me. I loved learning physics, and how NOTHING is really solid, it's all in flux, all the time.

Everything is "simply" energy.

And I can see metaphors in the same everything. Everyday.

Metaphor for today is the birth process. Creative conception was easy (I had the urge, the impulse-I felt creatively horny!), actually getting pregnant with an idea was pretty easy, but gestating that idea turned out to be difficult. Once I got to the final trimester with my idea, things got to be pretty exciting.

Now the labor process has begun, and I have to push it all out into the world.

It involves long hours of pushing waaayyyyy past exhaustion, and thoughts that I'll never accomplish it. It's simply too much for the size of my body/time.

Having that metaphor is helpful to me.

I remember after climbing Mt. Baker, or riding my bike up the 10 mile hill outside of Split on the (then) coast of Yugoslavia, I called up those experiences when facing other really difficult things, and I would tell myself: "If I could do THAT, I can certainly do THIS."

So I'm in labor, with very little sleep, and pushing toward the birth.

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