Tuesday, January 5, 2010

factory roaring back to life

Yesterday the "factory" (my home/studio) roared back to life. It is great to have my wonderful assistant Premium T back in the saddle. It helps focus me when she is here and make the gazzilion things we have to accomplish in the next 3 weeks (ack!) seem less overwhelming. We work really well together AND it's fun! (plus my very sociable kitten was bored to distraction having only me around during my retreat).

She loves the new work, agrees with me that it is still in prototype-stage, but that it will likely be ready for presentation at the shows in February. I just need to carve out time on the weekends to keep working on it, which means that we have to be REALLY efficient a getting all the samples of the other 2 lines done. And extra work for the retail show at the end of the wholesale markets.

We spent a lot of the day organizing: she got all the shapes and sizes of of what we need to have out & displayed on the shelves so that we know what needs doing, I spent a lot of the time on the phone ordering supplies and figuring out how to finesse the money part of it all, then I made a couple of Master Charts with everything we need, in every size and shape, in each of the three techniques, so that we can check off what is done. THAT'S a first!

Then we both got going on the list.

The new work is displayed in the window so that I can continue to look at it, and little-by-little this week find my way to a more refined concept of what it needs to move from prototype to the full expression of itself. At least full enough to go out into the world. It's good to have some days to step back from it just a couple steps.

My shin splints still prevent me from running, and as much as I've always hated running I must say that I miss it horribly. Yes, it's really, really hard to get out there, yes, it's really, really hard to do it much of the time... but it's also exhilarating and meditative and refreshing and it makes my muscles feel yummy like rubber bands and makes my brain feel much more settled and balanced and sturdy. I'm missing it!

So the year is off and running. Next time I blink I fear it will be over. So I'm not blinking.

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