Saturday, January 30, 2010

fame or fortune?

If you could have fame or fortune, which would you choose?

People often, when trying to compliment my work, tell me: "you are going to be famous!"

I'd prefer not.

Fame seems to come with such burdens. And take so much time! And be so distracting...

I'd greatly prefer fortune. I like my quiet, creative life. I'm grateful that what I make sells well enough to pay the bills. Barely, granted, and for that reason I'd like fortune. It would be such a relief to not have the constant anxiety about money (manifested in so many ways), and be able to sigh more deeply as I drift off to sleep.

With a reasonable fortune, I'd do the home repairs needed, not fear the inevitable unexpected expenses, have a more efficient and conductive work space, have a "retirement plan", have a little cushion in the bank, be able to reasonably plan a vacation (what's that?)...

But I continue gratefully to appreciate the good fortune I have to do work I love, to have a roof over my head, to have good mental and physical health, and a big purring kitten on my lap.

I'd welcome some more fortune all the same!

And you can keep the fame, the honors, the awards.

They'd distract from what I prefer: a day like today, when I get to take the new line I've developed to it's more refined place and work to make each piece beautiful.

With confidence and (finally) clear direction.

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