Monday, January 25, 2010

just now:

I got up, after another night of little sleep/lots of work.

Ground the coffee, put it in the bottom of the (french press) pot.

Checked blogs while the water boiled.

Noticed the water was no longer boiling.

Poured the water in the coffee.

It was cold, I'd not turned on the kettle.

Poured cold mess away.

Ground more beans, put in (french press) pot.

Filled (french press) pot with fresh water. Not the kettle. Cold now, from the tap.

Poured it out again.

Again, the whole process. This time, double checking everything. Hopefully it is working as I write.

Then the kitten needed food.

Get bowl.

Fill bowl.

Put bag of kibble on floor where kitten eats, and dish of food where kibble lives.

Coffee ready. Hot. Strong.

Get milk.

No milk.

Oh dear, can this day be saved????

1 comment:

  1. We saved it! Yes we did! (And the coffee was extra good today!)