Wednesday, January 20, 2010

one week!

I know these posts have been repetitive and boring. Well, repetitive (not boring) is pretty much what's going on. We are working really hard (as usual), and making good progress. But we start packing one week from today, and load up the pallets to ship the day after. For the two Big Shows.

We are getting close to having all wholesale samples made, and working toward inventory for the retail sale.

I finally broke through the walls and have a cohesive new line. Actually, one and a half new lines. That's amazing.

I am ordering the most benign things (pens, calculators, file folders, etc....) from Amazon (thank goodness for my Prime membership, no shipping charges) to reduce the number of errands.

I've had three galleries place reserves with me for next year, as they are afraid I will get booked up before they can see me at the shows--that bodes well! We have orders to fill once we get the big shipment off next Thursday. Even in the "dead time" after the holidays people want the work. That's GOOD!

My daily running and yoga have become sporadic, but haven't died altogether. Success at the Big Shows is my survival for the next year, so production has moved ahead of my daily exercise as priority. Alas. And yes, it's work from morning until I fall into bed at night.

I have mountains of boxes: one mountain taller than me outside under a tarp, others strategically placed all over the house in stacks so that we have to make our way through the pathways, and we squeeze through the stacks of them coming into the house from the porch. T.'s son is gradually chipping away at them, getting materials stashed away in preparation for the orders after the shows (I had to buy some enormous quantities of certain items to be sure I'd have them available due to my experience with some companies not keeping things in stock).

So. To any of you who read my blog in spite the recent repetitive posts: keep in mine I mean to describe the life of a working artist, and what I write here is a pretty darn true representation. Sometimes the nuts and bolts dominate everything. And that's where I am these days.

Welcome to my world!


  1. Hi there! I am a faithful reader of your blog although I don't always comment. I find your writing style very refreshing. Plus I like that you "keep it real"
    I wish you the best as you prepare for new shows and new business. Your pieces are so beautiful in their simplicity and style and color. I fell in love with each piece at the gift store. Someday...I will be able to own more of your pieces and give them away as gifts.
    (By the way, I've commented before here. I'm Annie-the lady that bought your piece in Connecticut)

  2. Annie! thanks so much for commenting, I sometimes think no one is out there, which is ok, but still... nice to know you are there and enjoying my "repetitive drivel"! Countdown continues, so back to work for me.