Sunday, January 3, 2010

still at it

In spite of wallowing in some big, seemingly endless troughs, I know I'm onto something. Problem is, there is a long way to go and I am running out of time. Today is my last day of my precious creative retreat time. I could weep, just knowing there is sooooo much potential, right around the corner.

But tomorrow we really have to get this production show on the road. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Close friends keep telling me to build more time into my schedule for this creative work, which is a good idea. It's just that if everything goes as hoped I won't have the time. We'll be busy making, filling, and shipping orders from February until this time next year.

Unless I had someone to support me.

Any volunteers?


  1. Melinda-

    I just stopped in to say hello and take a look around. I was amazed at the work I saw on your flicker account.

    It is beautiful, strong stuff.

    I esp. loved the martini glasses and the new vases and the collage-sandblasted vases.

    My wife really loved your work as well, which to me means you must be good. Not that I don't trust my own judgment on such things, but she carries a lot of weight in my world and if we're in agreement...

    so. pleased to meet you!



  2. Wow wow wow. Well THAT just thrilled me and boosted my flagging confidence and made my feel all warm and fluttery inside. THANK YOU! Both of you!