Friday, January 1, 2010

up and down and up and down and...

Well, I woke up loving my new direction. Now I think it looks too rustic to sell well. And it's just... just not quite right yet.
Working on it.

Happy New Year, by the way.
I'm spending these days in delicious solitude.

After digging into that closet yesterday on my hunt for photos I could use in this process, I came across old journals and a whole box of correspondence. Boxes and boxes of photos. I tried to make it quick, but it was rather haunting. More on that once I digest.


  1. Haunting/daunting/wanting. Can't wait for Monday!

  2. Isn't it rare that someone can't wait to go to work? Are you right in the head?

    I look forward to monday too... either because I'll have some exciting new work to show you, or for the relief of getting back to the old.

    Either way, it will be lovely to see you!