Saturday, February 13, 2010

day 2

(oh yeah, that's what I've said before, and before, and before...

But still, it's true!

The biggest part of the issue (I've decided) is that the convention center is ungodly dry and the air is so recycled and unpleasant. To give you an idea: I drank at LEAST 3 or 4 quarts of water and several giant cups of decaf tea today and yesterday. And I only once "used the facilities". Weird, huh?

And then there's just the fact of talking with so many people; lovely people, lovely conversations. But I am so accustomed to being alone most of the time that it's a big change.

But it's really, really ALL good.

I think (haven't had time to add it up) that I am totally, fully, spilling over fully booked-up through June. And some of my biggest customers haven't ordered yet. Yikes.

ALL the lines are selling. Even the new work. I took some photos this morning but they turned out horribly (I simply don't have the energy to take the time to pay attention) but Karl Seifert (who did my photos last year) is coming tomorrow evening to pick up some pieces to photograph properly (an he stays up most of the night to do it so that I can have the pieces for the show). What a great guy!

So, as promised, I'll have photos soon.

What else? I know there were all kinds of things I wanted to write today, but they all seem to have vanished with the martini, tuna tartar and coconut curry mussels. Yes I know it's the same as last night, and it will likely be the same every night I'm here. It's delicious, CHEAP, and did I tell you that it's delicious? Not to mention right here in the hotel, and considered one of the best bars in the city. So why go anyplace else?

OH! And I did something this morning I've NEVER been able to do when I'm away at a show. I got up early and went to the fitness center here in the hotel, and worked out for 45 minutes. It was SOOOOOOOO hard. I wake up in the mornings at shows feeling like (I imagine) it might feel to be ground up in a meat grinder, or hit by a mack truck (god forbid). Really. Everything hurts, I am exhausted, can barely consider moving. But I did it. I worked out. And it DID make me feel better. For at least a couple hours. And that's still something.

And in the bar tonight I was sitting close by a group of corporate guys (and one woman) and they were carrying on. I am SOOO glad I don't have to play those rah, rah, rah games. Oh lordy, so very grateful. They have tons and tons more money than I, stuff and security, but... well, I simply couldn't do it. I'd shrivel up and die.

So I am willing to work this hard. Yes. I'm willing and grateful to work this hard. Be this tired. Be so close to the edge that a blizzard had the potential to render me homeless (god forbid).

And so I do.



  1. Today we passed by a Fireworks store on the way to the monorail, and Nicolas pointed out one of your vases. He's got a good eye.

    Glad it's come together so well. Good luck!

  2. that's funny! He certainly does have a good eye. Thanks for stopping by here!