Thursday, February 25, 2010

day one of retail

My ability to be articulate is waning day by day.

Today was day one of retail and I was there early, as planned. I hustled and hustled and brought out as much more inventory as I could fit on the shelves (more, actually, but I can work magic with risers...).

Very few customers, but if I sell as much as I sold today each of the next 3 days I'll not have to shoot myself. So that's a good thing.

If, as some customers said, it is utterly swamped over the weekend, I could actually come close to meeting my retail goal and go home having covered the expenses of doing the shows. Let's hope for even better, ok?

Today my cousin Becky came, and she and her friend Beverly picked me up to go to dinner at a fancy Italian place.

And Beverly commented how much we look alike. It must be Grandma Bunny's eyes:

Proof I'm a "real artist"

Wish me sleep, ok?

I think this whole show stuff requires SOOOO much override of all my mental, physical, emotional limits just to accomplish what is necessary that my body doesn't know how to let go finally, at the end of the day.

I do my breathing, yoga, reading...

It seems that for now, knowing it is only 4 days until I head home will have to do. And that's pretty soon! Lot's to do in the meantime, but still, it's pretty soon.

And right now?

I wish us all a good night of sleep!

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