Monday, February 22, 2010

fully fed and martini'd...

..but you deserve a post today. (that reminds me of a jingle, but which?)

Ok. So I wrote last night, all responsibly intentional and everything, that I was going to jammie up, go to bed, sip some cognac while folding my customer cards and watching something stupid on TV, right?

Well. What really happened is: I got my jammies on, poured some cognac, set all the stuff in place to work on, and fell asleep. At 8:30. And I didn't wake up until 9 this morning.

Tired, you think?

So today I walked over to the show and proceeded to spend, oh, 8 hours? on "fluffing", getting everything arranged and priced and set on risers and polished and buffed and and and...

Discovered that certain pieces from several lines were just plain missing.

I dug through ALL the empty boxes, already on skids and wrapped for storage.

I dug ( seventeen gazzilion times) through all the retail back-stock.

I did my yoga stretches after my back seized up in my booth after lifting all the heavy boxes of back-stock seventeen gazzilion times.

I wondered where those pieces went, between Philly and Baltimore.

I hope whoever has them loves them.

I hope they reap just a smidge of karma.

I hope they recover and go on to have enlightened lives.

And I sent my empties off.

I lost a huge filling in a way back molar. Eating gluten free high fiber "sticks and twigs." Sheesh. I thought they were good for you!

It doesn't really hurt. Yet. I hope never.

I hope I make enough money to:

1. Pay my assistant back what she lent me to do these shows.
2. Pay my suppliers.
3. Get a crown on said molar
4. Buy a new mattress since my 17 year-old one feels like a boat, or a ditch, or something inappropriate for a mattress.
5. (and all those other things like money in the bank, etc.)

What else? Oh yeah, photos!

During set-up and tear-down we enter through the loading docks. Very "inner circle" and industrial!

There are several guards posted at every possible entrance. And other places throughout. If you are not wearing your badge, you don't get in. At least that's how it's supposed to work.

Where I have my retail back-stock stored. I am always quite certain that I have brought waaayyyy too much. Sometimes I'm wrong. I'd love it if this were one of those times! (Several guards here too).

et voila!
ready and waiting for tomorrow. It might not look much different than the photo I posted yesterday, but it took all day fluffing and fussing to get it as "right" as I could.

YES! Redemption! Happy hour with fresh local oysters on the half shell.

I can live again.

And now bed. No illusions about work or cognac or even stupid TV.

Just lovely, luscious sleep.

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